Majora's Masks Completely Captures An Complete Era's Anxieties

Majora's Mask Perfectly Captures An Entire Generation's Anxieties

As Hyperlink approaches Ikana Canyon within the build-up to the penultimate act of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Masks, one barely-noticeable NPC paradoxically stands out. Shiro is a Clock City Soldier – removed from residence, invisible to anybody that passes him, and determined to carve out the bubbling persona that he so solemnly believes he lacks.

“I am shocked. You are the primary one who’s ever spoken to me,” Shiro tells Hyperlink when he seems to be by way of the Lens of Fact. “I have been right here for a few years, waving my arms round and asking for assist, however everybody ignores me and passes me by. It is ‘trigger I am about as spectacular as a stone, proper? …I am used to it, although.”

The Zelda sequence – despite its save-the-princess plot and common forays into colourful wackiness – isn’t any stranger to darkness. After being manipulated into maniacal delusions by Ganondorf, Twilight Princess’s tragic anti-hero Zant seems to commit suicide on the recreation’s conclusion. Beneath its cartoon facade, The Wind Waker is premised on the divine flooding and subsequent near-total annihilation of Hyrule. Ocarina of Time options one of many sequence’ few on-screen NPC deaths (an easy-to-miss Hyrulean Soldier with an uncanny resemblance to Majora’s Masks’s Shiro).

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